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  • Dec 14

    Human Rights Museum





































"Think Tom Waits and Rickie Lee Jones have a monopoly on bluesy boho-jazz ballads?  Think again.  Ex-Winnipegger Jennifer Hanson gets in on the action with her sophomore CD 'How the Night People Pray.'  Teaming with songwriter Graham Shaw and tastefully backed by a rotating cast of local VIP's from Ron Paley to Spider Sinnaeve, the breezy-voiced Atlantan lets her hair down on a winning slate of drunkard's waltzes and last-call laments." 

"I received Jennifer Hanson's CD the other day and was blown away when I heard it!  It is just a fantastic record beginning to end!  I'm very excited to be playing it and my excitement is rubbing off onto our jazz programmers as well.  They all seem to be very interested in playing the disc!"

"Heard it just before closing my eyes for the night.  All I can say is I'm here looking it up so I can run to buy it tomorrow.  It's different, it's beautiful."

"I am a lover of acoustic guitar music.  The acoustic guitar on this CD is awesome, and Jennifer's smooth singing voice provides a perfect match to the sound.  together, they are beyond compare.  Eat your heart out Diana Kraul." 

"Hard to categorize, but very engaging!  Ms. Hanson is a great interpreter of these Graham Shaw tunes which run from swinging jazz to acoustic blues to pop ballads.  Intelligently arranged and well recorded.  Ms. Hanson's voice sounds intimate which works very well for these type of songs.  Highly recommended."

"This is a fabulous disc.  Jennifer's voice is so soothing and I listened to the disc over and over the first time I played it.  This disc is a must for anyone who loves listening to a pure, wholesome voice, And Jen is pretty darn good lookin' too!" 

"This is music full of philosophical, emotional, and spiritual content, beautifully presented and expertly recoded.  The writing is brilliant, and the singing is beyond excellent.  In a better world, this would be a huge seller.  Maybe it will be.  Get it!"

"This CD makes you stop and listen . . . to the exquisite voice of the singer, and the compelling lyrics.  Every song offers something different and delightful.  Altogether, this CD works as a package of love and life songs that lingers and makes me play it over and over.  I have a copy of my own and just bought one for a friend!"

"When I put the CD in I immediately go to track 7 (No One To Say Goodbye To) because I've developed a strong taste for it.  But all the songs are really good.  The album is a pleasant blend of jazz and folk, with clever heartfelt lyrics.  Jennifer's voice is soft and personal, resting gently on a beautiful jazz combo with an acoustic guitar which gives the tracks a very personal and welcoming feel.  Its on e of those albums that you pat yourself on the back for buying when you're still listening to it all the time six months down the road."